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World Map circa 368 AR

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Capital City Map circa 368 AR



Cartographic Notes

 Archimedes River: runs from Area 51 in Boreas to the Shore, Piscator, where it mixes with the man-made lagoon at the border of the continent where the earth meets the Gulf of Yeuron; the portion of the river from Wenlock City, Jurinar, to Pragia Village, Luxor, flows beside the Visea Basin rather than running off into it; the portion of the river from Alpinia City, Marshlands (approx. 2,457 meters deep), to Vivo City, Vivo (2,634 meters deep), descends deeper into the Earth.

Beimeni River: runs from Area 51, Boreas, to Yeuron City, Yeuron.

Beimeni zone: a layer of the Earth that is, on average, between two thousand and two thousand five hundred meters deep; some parts of the commonwealth are deeper and have shallower depths.

Haurachesa Territory: cities of Port Newland and Huatervian City accessed from the sea and established in 217 AR; territory not reachable via traditional transport until 327 AR, when a tunnel was constructed beneath the Gulf of Yeuron.

Hillenthara River: runs from the North Atlantic Ocean to the fork in Gubertiana Territory where it empties into the Archimedes River.

Inaccessible: the regions in the Beimeni zone considered to be off limits to expansion owing to seismic activity within Earth.

Island of Reverie: known as Manhattan, Before Reassortment; lies in the surface zone above Reassortment Hall.

Lochkafka River: runs from Nurino City, Zereaux, to a fork in Portage Territory where it empties into the Beimeni River.

Masimovian Center: though it’s labeled as #23 in the city map key, it’s unlabeled on the map; includes Masimovian Tower and Buildings #2–#7.

Nyx Territory: known as Angeles Territory prior to the collapse of Angeles City in 214 AR. Angeles City was renamed the City of Eternal Darkness the same year.

Phanes Beltway: the commonwealth’s largest transport terminal. (See Appendix 6.)

Reassortment Hall: located in the Earth’s crust beneath the Island of Reverie.

Surface zone: the surface of Earth.

Valanginian River: runs from Palaestra City, Palaestra, to Phanes Lake, Phanes.

Visea Basin: a network of deep prehistoric caverns that served as a runoff for many natural underground rivers and streams.

Zwillerzweller River: runs from Area 55, Boreas, to Zanclea City, Reanaearo, where it empties into the Visea Basin.