A project spanning more than 3 years and 400,000 words never would’ve been completed without aid from some of the finest minds in the world. Editors, writers, readers, artists, and scientists, among others, living in the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, Australia, Jamaica, and Malaysia provided their expertise and precious time to help turn The Phantom of the Earth into something special.

Astrophysicist: Dr. Zachary Prieskorn

Audiobook Publisher: Podium Publishing

Beta Reader: Amber Triplett

Beta Reader: Bill Sullivan

Beta Reader: Carl Nelson

Beta Reader: Casey Miller

Beta Reader: Cheryl M-M

Beta Reader: John Boettcher

Beta Reader: Joyce Gravino

Beta Reader: Karen Klink

Beta Reader: Kathryn Cunningham

Beta Reader: Laura Johnson

Beta Reader: Lauren Stoolfire

Beta Reader: Librarian Laine

Beta Reader: Michelle Hofacker

Beta Reader: Natalie Hughes

Beta Reader: Rowena Hoseason

Beta Reader: Veronica Sardo

Beta Reader: Violet Lauderdale

Beta Reader: Yulande Lindsay

Biological Engineer: Clay Swackhamer

Book Formatting: Polgarus Studio

Cartographer: M.S. Corley

Chemical Engineer: Michael Easterbrook

Concept Artist: Daniel Kvasznicza 

Concept Artist: Juan Carlos Barquet 

Concept Artist: Julian Faylona

Copyeditor: Tammy Salyer

Cover Artist: Jason Gurley

Editor: Erin Wilcox

Marketing: Bookbub

Marketing: Books Butterfly

Marketing: Books Direct

Marketing: eBooks Habit

Marketing: Ereader News Today

Marketing: FreeBooksy

Marketing: Michael Gallagher


Nuclear Engineer: Matt Harkenreader

Science Engineer: Victoria Chen

Synthetic Biologist: Dr. George M. Church

Synthetic Biologist: Dr. Harris Wang